MAC's Newest Viva Glam Spokespeep is...

ARIANA GRANDE! Miss  Grande is still doing some damage control post donut shop licking and mouth running so it is for sure a step in the right direction to win back America's love. Keep reading for deets and product pics 

Tuesday Treat 8/25: Texas Roadhouse Razzlesnake Margarita Copycat Recipe

Enjoy some margaritas in the moonlight for your Tuesday Treat and reward yourself for rocking this Tuesday with a delicious raspberry flavored margarita.

Start with a Spark Vol. 15

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I went to an old friend's wedding, did a double date paint night and celebrated my Dad's birthday with my family.  It was a pretty eventful weekend. What did you do?

The hardest part of doing something is getting started, so in the words of Nike, Just do it!

Start this week with a spark and don't let a case of the Mondays get you down. 

Love and Doves,

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Mani Monday Vol. 11 - My First Watermarble...How'd I Do?

Hello friends! Happy Monday! So this is a pretty special Mani Monday because I tried watermarbling for the first time! Ah! I was so nervous, I've seen some tutorials and videos where it just wasn't working for people, but I'm so happy that it worked for me.  Having gotten my first attempt out of the way, I'm so excited at the possibilities of using watermarbling in the future.  Especially during the holidays for candy cane nails. 

I love how they turned out, they aren't perfect by any means, and I did have some struggles, but I think with some practice, I'll be a watermarbling fool before the year is over. Check out the set up below and keep reading to see the beautiful blend of colors! 

Start with a Spark Vol. 14

Hey Friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Had a Harry Potter themed double-date night on Saturday with adult Butterbeer. Yum! Let me know in the comments if you want the recipe! 

Remember that you are capable of doing anything you want and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Start this week with a spark and don't let a case of the Mondays get you down. 

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#ManiMonday Vol. 10 - Sky Blue Beauties

Hello friends! Happy Monday! This Mani Monday is a tribute to this Summer.  I can't believe that Summer is almost what? I feel like it just started and now I'm ramping up for Fall.  I mean I love Fall don't get me wrong, but it just makes me sad to have another season come and gone so quickly. 

Anyways, let's get back to the point of this point...NAILS! Check out the set up below and keep reading to see the finally sunny sky result!